Basildon class Macmillan Coffee Morning

On March 17th 2017 WEA English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class organised a Macmillan Coffee Morning at a local primary school in Basildon, where this group of students meet up every Friday morning to have their ESOL class. The school staff were very supportive of this event and agreed to let ESOL class use their hall for the day. Furthermore, many of the school staff attended the event and donated money to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event was preceded by a lesson during which students read and talked about Macmillan and the work they do. One of the learners has recently lost a loved one due to cancer and she was able to share her personal experiences about Macmillan and the valuable support they have been giving her. The lesson also engaged students in planning the event and exchanging recipes and ideas on what to make. Finally, students got involved in writing invitations.

The event itself was a great success. It was well organised and equally well attended by the students’ friends, the course organiser, one of the branch representatives, ex ESOL students, the primary school staff and even a three month old baby. ESOL students had worked hard to create some delicious food masterpieces, many of which were national dishes and cakes traditionally made in their countries. They were very happy to share their cooking secrets and recipes with the guests and they all enjoyed a good chat together.

Thanks to the generosity of ESOL learners and their guests, the total raised was an impressive sum of 200 pounds which was transferred to Macmillan’s account on the very same day, thus enabling Macmillan nurses to continue doing the great job that they do.

The whole experience has done wonders for the students’ confidence and they remain proud of their achievements. Here is what some of them said after the event:

“I enjoyed myself. Before the Coffee Morning I made cakes. My friends also brought cakes. We ate together, talked, and then donated some money to charity.”          Zeynep

“It was a very nice time with friends and other students. The cakes were very tasty, our own work. I taught the branch representative a few words of Polish.”           Marzena

Here are some photos taken on the day.

Basildon ESOL Coffee Morning
Basildon ESOL class Macmillan Coffee Morning