WEA partners with UNISON to bring Women’s Lives course to Stevenage

After successfully partnering with Unison to deliver their Women’s Lives course in Bedfordshire in 2015, we’re excited to announce that the course will be running in Stevenage, starting in September.

What is Women’s Lives?

Women’s Lives is a course designed for women from all walks of life and work backgrounds who may have been away from learning for some time. It will help women gain the skills and confidence to study, learn or do something new, and is particularly suitable for those who have been out of education for a long time and have had few educational opportunities in the past.

By increasing their confidence and skills,  the aim is not only to help women find work or develop their role at work but also to help outside work with things like taking part in group activities, helping the kids with homework, making themselves heard and finding new opportunities.


WEA Unison Women's Lives course students














“It was great. There’s something in the course for everyone.”

How is the course run?

The course is run in a welcoming and supportive environment - it’s not like going back to school and there are no exams to take. Students work at their own pace and level. The WEA course tutor specialises in working with adult learners and will help and advise participants throughout the course.

“I did not realise that you could have so much fun and support whilst learning”

Students will develop communication skills in speaking and listening, carry out some research, and undertake basic computer work and simple maths. There will be opportunities to practise and discuss reading, note-taking, essay writing and report writing, and there will be some home study and written tasks as well as a two-day residential weekend. Examples of learning activities include:

  • Developing new study skills and brushing up on rusty ones
  • Looking at experiences at work, family and in the community
  • Investigating a topic of their own choice which is relevant to women
  • Taking the opportunity to think about future plans

How to enrol

This is a free course, open to all women who are Unison members. Visit the Unison website for information on eligibility and how to join Unison. To find out more about the course and enrol, visit the WEA Women’s Lives course page.