Find a course

Questions?/Enrol by phone: 0300 303 3464*

You can access course information and book in a number of ways:

  • Use the national course search module to search for courses by postcode.  This is by far the best way to find and book a course as it is linked to our central database and is therefore always up-to-date.
  • Look at courses happening in your area in our county brochures which contain local contact details.
  • Find your local branches on our map and contact them for further course information.

Many of our courses - particularly those run through our volunteer-run branches - are prepared and marketed ahead of the academic year through our county brochures or their own local publicity.  To enable us to be responsive to local need, we also arrange and run courses throughout the year which won't appear in the brochures.  New courses added later and amendments to courses in the county brochures appear under the relevant county brochure - click here for those.

Our courses are usually part-time and run during the day, mostly during the week, but we also run evening classes and weekend 'day schools'.  We have a very wide range of subjects on offer from science through to arts and literature, music and dance, as well as programmes which help adults return to learn skills like literacy, numeracy and others.

We also run courses that are developed for special-interest groups and for people who have particular educational needs, which are often created in tandem with our partner organisations, many of which are also charities or community groups.  Some of our courses carry an accreditation as part of the course, depending on the subject and nature of the course.

WEA courses can be as short as one day, for example a Saturday workshop, but can last up to twenty weeks or more.  Courses run through our branches are typically ten sessions of two hours each - 20 learning hours.

Our academic year has three terms:

  • Autumn is our busiest term, with courses starting anytime from September through to November.
  • Spring courses typically start in January and finish around Easter.
  • Summer term courses start in April or May, and usually end in July.