Image of WEA tutor Gillian Gee

I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years, I started Teaching Yoga in 1990, and for the last fifteen years I have been teaching for the WEA at Hurst House in Chesterfield.

I have found with continued practice of Yoga it maintains my muscular and skeletal flexibility, plus allows me to deal with the stresses of life, obviously over 30 years various life situations have arisen.

Since I started practicing Yoga I have had two children who have now grown up and left home. For me Yoga produces a sense of calmness and clarity. I love the simple stretching and the stronger postures the effect the breathing has on both the mind and body. I find the various concentration and Yoga techniques interesting and can bring variety to a session.

I enjoy teaching Yoga very much, guiding students through their practice, watching the progression. Most people consider “Progression is Yoga” is just about maintaining flexibility, which is very important, as we grow older to maintain a healthy body. Yoga Students also find a change in attitudes with the effect of the Relaxation, Breathing and Concentration techniques, which are a major contributor to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Yoga has a holistic effect on us.

I trained to Teach Yoga with British Wheel of Yoga, and also have my Certificate of Education.

Over the years I have progressed and I now teach the BWY Foundation Course and the BWY Teacher Training Course, some of the students who have attended classes at Chesterfield have progressed onto these courses and have become Teachers of Yoga themselves.