Image of WEA Tutor Chris Lewis Jones

In addition to being a lecturer and Associate Artist at Nottingham Contemporary, I am also a studio-based artist and a founder member of several creative initiatives, including:

Nottingham Cabaret Collective, JamminJerusalem (an ongoing exploration of English identity using ritual, projection, percussion, Morris and turn tabling), Cruiser, an international network of ‘artists who travel hopefully’ (across media and boundaries), Nu Urban Gardeners, a live art duo that explores our evolving relationship with the idea of land and landscape, and Cyril Seaton’s Cycle Roots, which explores the legacy of Cyril Seaton (‘the saucy surrealist from naughty Nottingham) using combinations of process research, documentation, spoken word, writing, music, film, projection and live art/performance.

I am also a musician and something of a performance poet. My anxiety has always been that, being something of a Jack-of-all-trades, I tend to spread myself too thinly. But, I do enjoy all of my trades, and it’s not a bad life!

Guilty Secret: I was a morris man.