Mark Barnard: WEA History Tutor


Many years ago, I saw an advert for an Access Course at a local university. Despite being advised not to pursue this by a careers advisor, I gave it a go as a mature student and since then I have not looked back, gaining a BA, an MSc, a PhD and many happy months as a WEA Tutor! So, aside from my wilfulness, the point is that it is never too late to learn and gain fulfilment through education.

What do I teach?

Well, the causes of the First and Second World Wars, resultant remembrance cultures and modern Franco-German history. Talking of France, I am teaching a course on a person who has fascinated me since childhood – Joan of Arc. Workshops are planned on Waterloo (1814) and the 1914 Christmas Truce.

My aim is to engage all students in debate, encourage critical thinking and the challenging of official histories.

Something else about me 

Once upon a time on a childhood holiday in Caistor-on-Sea, Norfolk, for some reason I collected a bucket of jellyfish and stored them under our static caravan. For days, my disgruntled parents and sister wondered what the awful stench was. On discovery, I was in trouble!

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