Rakhsana Nadeem Ahmed is the single mother of four and lives in Nottingham.  She was born and brought up in Pakistan but she has adopted England as her own country now.

Rakhsana joined an ESOL course in Sneinton in 2008 and her initial level for speaking and listening was E2 but her reading and writing were both Pre Entry level.  Rakhsana wanted to improve her reading and writing skills first up to E2 level to be able to read advertisements, leaflets, or any other informative texts to help her to find a job in future. She wanted to take ESOL exams and she also set herself long term goals such as to improve her confidence and to get a job as soon as she could.

Rakhsana has to look after her children alone and also has to do all the other family responsibilities like shopping for children, taking them out, playing games with them.  She is very ambitious and wants to achieve her goal.  She does not let family responsibilities prevent her from learning and attending the ESOL course regularly.

Last academic year Rakhsana passed her Reading and writing E1 and E2 exams, then the E2 exam for Speaking and Listening skills.  She improved not just her English skills, she also improved her confidence to be able to join a SureStart Volunteer group last term.

Very recently Rakhsana applied to work as a volunteer in the DAIN project for the WEA and she was accepted.  She works there along with the English speaking people and she has been very happy and pleased with her new duties.  She has already made a few friends and her life has changed drastically for the better.

With all her achievements Rakhsana is determined to continue her education with the WEA in ESOL courses. She is preparing to take the E3 Speaking and Listening exam this term and she says she will continue attending ESOL in the future too.

Rakhsana is an extremely dedicated WEA learner and appreciates our courses very highly.