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Ethics is about the 'oughts' in life - how people ought to behave, or how society should be organised. Ethical questions are often difficult - situations are not clear cut, or we face a dilemma. We all have to deal with these issues but philosophers have done this in a more systematic way than most of us. On this course you can gain greater clarity about what ethics is about - is it subjective, objective, prescriptive? We will consider different ways of making moral decisions - are the consequences of our actions most important, or the principles we follow in making decisions or what kind of person we aspire to be? This course meets fortnightly.

Course description

You may think that if ethics is hard, philosophical ethics will be even harder. Don't worry, this course is for beginners, and help is at hand to 'translate' the philosophical language. Bettina Lange has many years' experience in explaining unfamiliar words and concepts to those new to philosophy and there are now many free helpful online resources too. We will explore how we understand 'ethical' and 'moral' in everyday life and you will learn about different philosophical interpretations of ethics.

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