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We make judgements in everyday life about telling the truth - and its opposites - lying, pretending, manipulating ... But what does "telling the truth" mean? Is truth reality "out there", independent of our perceptions or the language we use? or is the truth what we perceive and how we talk about reality? and how do we use "true" when we claim that a statement is true or that someone is true to himself/herself? Philosophers have thought about these questions for a long time, and this course gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with their theories.

Course description

This online philosophy course will study the philosophies of truth. The course gives learners the opportunity to gain a better understanding of different meanings of truth and to develop and practice philosophical skills such as analysing and evaluating arguments. The course will cover: how we use "true" in everyday language; definitions of truth; philosophical theories of truth - the truth is what matches reality; a statement is true if it fits with other statements; what counts as true is agreed between people; the truth is what survives scrutiny; we create the truth through our actions. By the end of the course you will be able to: explain how "true" is used in everyday language; give at least two contrasting definitions of truth; name and illustrate at least one criterion for a good argument in the philosophical meaning of the term; explain the key components of at least two different philosophical theories of truth; giving reasons for your conclusion, say which of the philosophical theories of truth covered is most and which the least convincing.

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