Course overview

The "Step Into Care" level 1 study program is designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills for individuals pursuing a career in the care sector. Covering essential topics such as working in care, mental health awareness, stress awareness, infection prevention and control, and CV and interview preparation, this comprehensive program equips learners with the tools needed to succeed in social care roles. Ideal for beginners, this program fosters both personal and professional development in a supportive learning environment. This course is in partnership with the DWP and upon successful completion of the course you will be invited to an interview for a potential job role within care.

Course description

"The ""Step Into Care"" study program offers a thorough introduction to key areas essential for a career in the care sector. This comprehensive program is structured to provide learners with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in social care roles. The course covers:

Working in Care: This module introduces learners to the fundamental principles of working in the care sector. Topics include understanding the roles and responsibilities of care workers, effective communication skills, and the importance of empathy and respect in providing high-quality care.

Award in Mental Health Awareness L1: Learners will explore the basics of mental health, including common mental health conditions, their impact on individuals, and strategies for providing support. This module aims to enhance understanding and awareness, enabling learners to respond appropriately to mental health issues in a care setting.

Award in Stress Awareness L1: This module focuses on recognising the signs and symptoms of stress, understanding its causes, and learning effective stress management techniques. Learners will gain insights into how stress affects both care workers and those they care for, promoting a healthier work environment.

Infection: Prevention and Control L1: Learners will be introduced to essential practices for preventing and controlling infections in care settings. This includes understanding infection transmission, implementing hygiene practices, and following protocols to protect both care recipients and workers.

CV and Interview Preparation for Social Care Success: This practical module helps learners craft effective CVs and develop strong interview skills tailored to the social care sector. Participants will learn how to highlight their qualifications, experience, and personal attributes to stand out to potential employers.

Join us to embark on a rewarding journey into the world of social care."

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