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Every day in our daily routines and day to day life we choose our behaviour from a range of habits. Some of these habits may be defined as "good"; other habits may be less helpful and may limit our thinking, potential and daily living. This course will enable learners to identify, evaluate and utilise techniques to manage the habits that affect their daily lives. This course will take place in a supportive and friendly online environment where learners can explore and develop positive habits, and safely explore those that may be more unhelpful and limiting.

Course description

In our daily routines we may be pushed by basic instincts to habitually engage in certain activities. On the positive spectrum we may find ourselves inclined to go for a walk every afternoon. Negatively we may crave a calorific supper at 11.30pm every night. Often, we can feel helpless to our persistent routines and autonomy, which can in turn impact our mental wellbeing. This course provides advice, support and tools for self-help in a social and supportive environment.

This course aims to define via lecture and group activities what could be seen as "good" and 2bad" habits both broadly and specifically to each student. This will then lead to discussion, planning and exercises that will hopefully assist individuals in adjusting their lifestyle positively and gaining a greater sense of control.

DISCLAIMER: This course is NOT a suitable solution in dealing with addictions or extreme habitual behaviour caused by psychiatric disorders. This course does not substitute for therapy nor is the tutor a licensed therapist. Professionals should be addressed with regards to harmful activities.

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