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Stress is you body’s physical responses to mental emotional pressure, money problems, health issues and unforeseen circumstances can all have an impact. When you are stressed the body goes in to, ‘fight or flight’, mode. When the threat passes, your body usually recovers, but if you are continually under stress it can take longer than normal to recover. The very structure of Qigong and Tai Chi can help. The aim of this course is to help you maintain a stress free life and aid relaxation by continuing to progress with the help of Tai Chi and Qigong. You will continue a more in depth look in how you can harness your inner energy, sooth your emotions, calm your mind, and activate a more balanced healing process toward achieving better health.

Course description

By continuing to learn the way the energy work in Qigong helps to balance the yin and yang, and the calmness it creates, and learning how to keep the body balanced whilst achieving the necessary spirals in Tai Chi to achieve calmness of the body and mind. This beneficial way to exercise and reduce stress combines both movement and mental calmness, smooths the way by helping improve both body co-ordination and posture. The slow gentle movements calms the body and mind without putting undue strain on joints and tendons.

By experiencing relaxation techniques, including reverse breathing, and to continue to examine deep breathing exercise to encourage progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness. In our lives we can’t expect to control every situation, but we can help by building up our resilience to help protect ourselves from the harmful stress related incidents. Stress can lead us to be depressed, it is caused by changes in our brain chemistry which affects our emotions sometimes making it very difficult to notice. In these classes, as you have learnt, the gentle warm ups, help to initiate the process of dissolving any tension we may be feeling. By encouraging the body to relax, this then helps the mind to relax and slowly disperse any tension we may bring with us.

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All of our digital content, teaching and learning activities and assessments are designed to be accessible so if you need any additional support you can discuss this with the education experts during your enrolment journey and we will do all we can to make sure you have optimal access.

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