Course overview

We will be cooking together in real time, making a variety of dishes, with advice and ideas on how to change the quantities to suit the number of people you are cooking for. We will look at ways of cooking and baking for one or two, or enough for a party. We shall be measuring ingredients and there will be time to find out about all the different ways measurements are written in recipes, so you can cook with confidence. Recipes will be put on Canvas before the course begins, so you can go shopping if you are going to cook along with me. All questions are welcome during the session, novice cooks are welcome along with those who have more experience and we will share ideas. Outcome: Double and halve the quantities in a recipe using metric and imperial measures while cooking a variety of dishes.

Course description

In our sessions, we'll dive into a diverse array of recipes, from savoury mains to irresistible desserts, discovering practical tips and techniques for scaling ingredients to suit your needs. Learn how to navigate between metric and imperial measures with ease, demystifying the various ways measurements are written in recipes.

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