Course overview

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that you are not communicating to others effectively and your views are not taken into account? Why is acting assertively so difficult, and what are the barriers for us? We will be looking at what we mean by assertive behaviour and how we can recognise and celebrate this. Investigating our own personal barriers to assertive behaviour will allow us to start to identify personal barriers, and considering ‘imposter syndrome’ allow us to start to counter any feelings of this type that we experience. How can we put our point of view making clear our own views while still respecting the views and needs of others. If you would like to find out more this course is for you.

Course description

Learn how to voice your opinions through communications which are neither passive or aggressive, looking after your own wants and needs while respecting the views of others.

We will be investigating why it is sometimes so difficult to put our views assertively and what the impact of this is likely to be. The impact of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ will be investigated, and we will use tools to help identify our own personal level of assertive behaviour and whether we experience elements of ‘Imposter Syndrome’. This will allow us to start to plan to consider how we might address these areas and share hints and tips to counter common experiences. Working through a number of common scenarios will allow us to marry theory to its practical application in everyday life. We will be learning a number of positive tips to help build our personal self-esteem and confidence to aid us in demonstrating assertive behaviour.

The course will also be looking at how we can begin to consider how our deep seated patterns of behaviour are helping or hindering us and how we can begin to take small steps to change these to get a better result.

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