Course overview

This exciting and innovative programme of online BSL courses will unlock and introduce you to British Sign Language for use in a variety of everyday situations. You will establish a clear and solid foundation of BSL vocabulary and conversational techniques that will unlock your ability to communicate and converse with other BSL users. Learning BSL is an enriching and rewarding opportunity to not only learn a new language but to foster an understanding of the Deaf community and the importance of access, inclusion and equality for all. Utilising a rich variety of online resources and interactive activities, this programme will equip you with the skills to confidently communicate with other BSL users and bridge the divide between the hearing and the Deaf. It comprises of 3 courses/workshops, that will take place on 11th, 18th and 25th November, with a total fee of £22.20

Course description

This stimulating and rewarding programme of BSL courses is designed to enable you to communicate with other BSL users in three everyday situations. Through these enriching, enjoyable and supportive courses you will learn terminology and vocabulary to enable you to confidently communicate using BSL in three ‘everyday’ situations:

BSL for Education.

If you work in ‘education’ and value inclusion and access for all then this is the course for you. BSL for Education is suitable for anyone who is interested in and/or works in an educational setting, such as pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, colleges and training centres. You will learn education-based terminology and vocabulary that is relevant for everyday use in your institution/establishment. Vocabulary such as; school, register, assembly, toilet, hall, break, lunch, ‘line-up’ as well as all the different curriculum subjects. This will enable you and your students to learn a new skill and communicate through BSL

BSL for Work.

This course is designed to teach and unlock your ability to communicate via BSL in your workplace. You will learn office / work related terminology and vocabulary such as…basic greetings, meeting, colleague, printer, email, zoom, social media, time, computer, contract. This introduction to basic conversational skills will allow you to confidently communicate with other BSL users creating a more equal and accessible workplace.

BSL for Socialising.

This course will cover such topics as eating & drinking, shopping and general conversational skills. Learn how to have a basic conversation with someone, arrange to meet friend and order food & drink. Learning BSL is an important and rewarding skill for nurturing an inclusive and accessible community and society.

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