Course overview

This course is for carers, former carers and the cared for, join us to learn about Dracula, one of the most well known gothic villains of all time, find out about what was behind Bram Stoker’s creation of this character? This session will explore aspects of Bram Stoker’s life including his time spent in Whitby, in order to think about what inspired him to create this infamous and long lasting vampire. This session will be a great way to learn something new and an opportunity to join with others in discussing this novel. This course is for carers, former carers and the cared for and you do not need to have previous experience of studying literature.

Course description

This session will explore the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s creation of the most famous vampire character of all time, Dracula. Information will be provided on aspects of Bram Stoker’s life, including what caused him to seek respite in Whitby, and why this place had such an impact on him that he was able to produce such an enduring novel. We will think about how Bram Stoker developed the character of the vampire and how his novel, published in 1897, spawned such a huge variety of films and other adaptations which continue to live on well into the Twenty-first Century. We will think about questions such as why this novel captured the imagination of the late Victorian reader, why it was so popular, and what did it reveal about Victorian society. All this, and the man behind the Dracula will be explored in this session.

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