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Welcome to Term 2 of Learning Italian! This 10-week course builds on your foundational skills, focusing on practical situations. You’ll learn to book a hotel room, navigate train and bus stations, and shop at markets. Through interactive lessons, role-playing, and listening activities, you’ll gain confidence in handling common scenarios. Topics include making reservations, understanding schedules, purchasing tickets, and shopping for goods. Cultural insights will deepen your appreciation of Italian traditions. By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable using Italian in various everyday contexts. Join us to continue your Italian language journey! Buon viaggio!

Course description

Welcome to Term 2 of Learning Italian! Building on the basics from Term 1, this course will further develop your Italian language skills, focusing on practical situations to enhance your conversational abilities. You will engage in interactive lessons designed to help you navigate common scenarios with ease. This term will cover essential topics such as booking a hotel, where you'll learn to make reservations, inquire about amenities, and handle check-in/check-out processes. At the station, you'll gain the vocabulary and phrases needed to buy train tickets, understand schedules, and ask for directions. Similarly, at the bus station, you’ll practice how to inquire about routes, purchase tickets, and understand announcements. Shopping at the market will introduce you to vocabulary related to various goods, bargaining, and handling transactions. Through role-playing exercises, listening comprehension activities, and cultural insights, you'll become more comfortable using Italian in real-life situations. By the end of Term 2, you’ll feel confident handling hotel bookings, navigating public transportation, and shopping at local markets. Regular participation, quizzes, and practical assignments will assess your progress. Join us to continue your Italian language adventure and deepen your cultural understanding. Buon viaggio! (Have a good journey!)

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All of our digital content, teaching and learning activities and assessments are designed to be accessible so if you need any additional support you can discuss this with the education experts during your enrolment journey and we will do all we can to make sure you have optimal access.

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