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Explore the captivating evolution of fashion with our course, "Unmentionables." This journey takes us from the earliest evidence and references through to the present day. Looking at diaries, fashion plates and other contemporary sources we will explore the influences which have shaped clothing and underwear trends. How did the clothing of the elite differ from of everyone else? We will also be considering how the industrial revolution and the changing role of women affects underwear. And lastly what about today what are the ethical and sustainability issues we have to consider? Join us to find out more

Course description

Join us on this exhilarating exploration of fashion's rich history, and gain a deep understanding of how clothing has not only reflected but also shaped cultures throughout time. Unlock the secrets behind the garments that have defined our identities across the ages. We will be exploring the earliest evidence we have of underwear of both men and women and piecing together evidence throughout our journey from contemporary sources of what they wore. Personal accounts from the earliest periods are patchy but from the 1600s we begin to have more evidence in the form of diaries and other contemporary sources to examine. We’ll try to find out what they wore and what they thought about it! Before the industrial revolution clothing was extremely expensive and we consider the impact of mass production on underwear. For women particularly the 1920 was a period of more liberating fashion styles and we will we will also be investigating the fashion of the ‘flapper’ and the jazz age. We will end with considering contemporary trends and the globalisation of fashion generally, what does this mean for diversity and what are the ethical and sustainability issues which we will have to consider in future.

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