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How have painters used blue throughout the years? Where did the blue pigments they used come from? When did Mary start wearing a blue dress? Join us to find the answers to these questions, and learn all about the colour blue in art. This lecture retraces the story of blue in Western arts, from Antiquity to the present. We will reflect upon the changing meaning(s) given to this colour. We will also evoke the different materials used to create a whole range of blue pigments: from ultramarine and cobalt to Prussian blue and Yves Klein Blue.

Course description

Nowadays in the West, the colour blue is immensely popular. From the colour of jeans to the UN and EU flags, blue is a positive and consensual colour. However, it has not always been the case.

In Ancient Rome blue was not a highly valued colour and in early Christianity, Mary was not wearing a blue mantle. It is during the 12th century that, in Europe, blue progressively became a colour symbolically associated with the spiritual and divine. In the Romantic movement and all the way to Picasso, blue was often associated with melancholy.

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