Course overview

William Blake (1757 – 1827) is simply the greatest poet/pictorial artist Britain has ever seen! His themes are universal and his demand that society recognise the folly and inhumanity that prevailed unfortunately is still relevant. Moulded by the radicalisation of the English Civil War, his words and images are a call to arms to stand up for the vision that Britan could be if the shackles of convention were broken.

Course description

Explore the profound legacy of William Blake (1757 – 1827), regarded as Britain's greatest poet and pictorial artist. This course delves into Blake's extraordinary body of work, examining how his universal themes and critiques of society remain relevant today.

Blake’s art and poetry, deeply influenced by the radicalisation of the English Civil War, serve as a powerful call to action. His visionary works challenge the conventions of his time, demanding societal change and recognition of the inhumanity and folly that he observed. Through his vivid imagery and compelling verses, Blake offers a revolutionary vision of what Britain could become if freed from the constraints of tradition.

Participants will engage with Blake's most significant works, exploring the interplay between his poetic and visual expressions. We will investigate his masterpieces and his intricate illustrations, to understand how his radical ideas are conveyed through both word and image.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in literature, art, and social history. By studying Blake’s impassioned critiques and visionary art, learners will gain a deeper appreciation of his enduring influence and the timeless relevance of his call for a more just and humane society. Join us to discover the revolutionary spirit of William Blake and his vision for a transformed Britain.

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