Course overview

What makes an artist forger artworks?, what motivates them?, which famous artists do they copy?, what techniques do they use?, and do they get away with it?. This course explores the answers to these questions, as well as how many fakes are produced, and the money that can be made. Above all, when the forger is caught how they can became celebrities in their own right with exhibitions of their artworks in their own name. The course will also examine the challenges and opportunities and above all the controversies surrounding AI-generated Art, is it original, a copy or a fake?

Course description

It is believed that around 50% of all artworks on the art market and in museums are forged. Loans and donations from trusted private collectors to museums are rarely checked but taken on trust. It takes more than simply copying an artist’s style to be a successful forger. An analysis of artist’s complete oeuvre, subject matter, and stylistic nuances is required with the production of a plausible paper trail to create a convincing provenance. Art historians and auctioneers are always on the lookout for a fake using art forensics to uncover the art crime committed. Would you be able to spot a forgery? Find out how on this course. We will never know the names of the most successful art forgers, could these have been women - the silent forgers. But those that craved attention left clues or made mistakes which revealed their identities and turned them into celebrities admired for their artistic skills. Favourite artists of art forgers include Picasso, Matisse, Lowry and the most copied of them all Modigliani. The course will study the most well-known forgers Han van Meergen, Elmyr de Hory, Eric Hebborn, Wolfgang and Helene Beltracchis, as well as other women involved in art crimes.

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