Course overview

Have you ever wondered how to look at a sculpture? What is it made of, and how? Should you move around it and maybe even touch it? In this course, we will develop our appreciation and understanding of sculpted works of art. Works as diverse as the prehistoric “lion-man” carved in mammoth ivory, Michelangelo’s famed marble sculptures, and the earthworks of Robert Smithson will be studied. We will look at techniques and visual characteristics, at iconography and purpose, and learn about different styles.

Course description

If you sometimes feel like you’re looking at something but are not really “seeing”, this course is for you! It aims to give you keys – tips, techniques, and knowledge – to see and make sense of three-dimensional works of art.

We will start with an introduction on what sculpture is, what it encompasses. Examples from modern art will challenge our expectations: is a work of art made of sand, dirt, gravel and rock, located on a lake in Utah a sculpture?

The main body of the course will be organised in a chronological way, starting with ancient and intriguing sculptures such as the prehistoric “Venus of Willendorf”, and ending with the work of contemporary artists such as Rachel Whiteread and Jeff Koons. As we move across time, you will learn about artistic styles and their defining characteristics so you can recognise them. You will gain key elements of vocabulary to describe sculptures. The works studied will be chosen so that a range of techniques and materials will be presented. We will also discuss issues of meaning and interpretation. And we will see that the location and context is often essential. Many sculpted works of art have a strong connection to one specific place, and cannot easily be moved!

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