Course overview

Picasso is one of the 20th-century most well-known artists, a household name. In this course, we will learn about his personal life and his artistic career. As we do so, we will try and deconstruct the myth that exists around him both as a man and artist. Our approach will be chronological, starting in Spain, developing in Paris, and ending in Southern France, from 1881 to 1973. We will also address transversal themes, such as sculpture, Picasso’s family and lovers, the issue of collaboration, myth-making. Beyond developing your knowledge and understanding of Picasso’s art and life, this course will provide many opportunities to deepen your ability to analyse works of art (visual analysis and iconography).

Course description

Picasso is one of the giants of 20th--century art. A child prodigy, he is mainly known as a painter, but he also created a significant body of sculptures, prints, and ceramics. He was an extraordinary artist, constantly transforming his style yet remaining himself. He also had a complex and troubled personality. This course takes an in-depth approach to Picasso’s life, career, and art: - the early years in Spain, - the Blue and Rose periods, - the Cubist experiments with Braque, - the return to classicism and dialogue with Diaghilev’s Ballets russes - the dialogue with Surrealism - the creation of Guernica and the war years in occupied Paris - the experiments with pottery in Vallauris As we study different moments of his career, we will come back on Picasso’s difficult personal life and see how it affected his artistic endeavours. Beyond the personal dimension, we will also place his art in the historical and artistic context of its time such as the social unrest of Barcelona in the 1890s, the rise of fascism and World War Two, and the Cold War.

Picasso was a fascinating artist, the prototype of the creative mind, turning anything into a work of art. In his hands a bicycle seat and handle could become a bull’s head. As we look at the notion of “genius” with a critical eye, we will see that Picasso often created in dialogues with others, rather than in complete isolation.

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