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An oversimplified view but still a very useful one is that in the 1950s there was still largely a respect for “tradition”. By contrast the 1960s saw challenges to all traditions and conventions. In many areas of public and private life, traditional conventions were challenged. In the theatre world, “kitchen sink drama” appeared. In the visual arts, artists produced even more abstract individualistic products, with “installations” replacing paintings and sculpture. Music became even more experimental. In the course, these developments and many others will be illustrated, including projects of the decade which we still enjoy.

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The 1960s was a decade of profound change and challenge, marked by a dramatic shift from the respect for tradition that characterized the 1950s. This course explores how this era revolutionized public and private life, as artists, musicians, and writers broke away from conventional norms to explore new, uncharted territories of expression.

In the theatre world, the emergence of ""kitchen sink drama"" brought gritty, realistic portrayals of everyday life to the stage, challenging the more polished and idealized productions of the previous decade. In the visual arts, the 1960s saw the rise of abstract and individualistic works, with installations often replacing traditional paintings and sculptures. Music, too, became more experimental, reflecting and contributing to the decade's dynamic and transformative spirit.

Throughout the course, students will examine these and other significant developments in the arts during the 1960s. Weekly presentations will showcase key projects from the decade, including those that continue to influence and inspire contemporary culture. By exploring the radical shifts in artistic expression during this period, students will gain a deep understanding of how the 1960s challenged and reshaped the artistic landscape, leaving a lasting legacy that we still enjoy today.

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