Course overview

The dog behaviour course aims to provide an introduction to the origins and behaviour of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The course will discuss and display our current knowledge on the ancestry of the domestic dog and how humans began taming, and eventually selectively breeding the Grey wolf (Canis lupus) until a new sub-species evolved. The sessions are all based on archaeological, behavioural, experiential and biological evidence and will introduce general canine behaviour. Some common problem behaviours are touched upon, but the focus of the sessions will be standard dog behaviour in day-to-day life.

Course description

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in our canine companions and would like to expand their knowledge in this area and perhaps change the way that they interact with dogs in general. All information used within the sessions will be provided on Canvas for you to revisit at your leisure should you wish; quizzes and discussion points are also provided so that learners can check their knowledge. A better understanding of behaviour can help dog-lovers to form a stronger bond and a highly positive relationship with dogs based on the dog’s intelligence, abilities and understanding of humans rather than on out-dated dominance hierarchy and obedience models. No prior knowledge is assumed and questions on all things canine are welcomed and discussed throughout the course. Topics in the Domestic canines course will include: The effects that domestication has had on the modern dog, social and attachment behaviours, intelligence, learning, expressive behaviours, vocalising and physicality. A further course on dog training is offered later in the year and the focus of that course will be on training dogs with trust and compassion and will include some common problem behaviours and how to tackle and understand them.

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