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Our guest speaker, Professor David Saggerson, will discuss the amazing progress that has taken place in biochemistry in recent times. Less than a century ago, none of this stuff was known. It has all been very exciting and is still very fast moving. Many of the developments are now feeding into medicine and industry in a big way. David will lead students through the topic in a way that requires no previous chemistry background.

Course description

It is easy to take for granted all the things that are working away to make and keep us, and all other living organisms, alive. But what is actually going on? What are these chemical entities and processes that are working away in our bodies while we are simply getting on with being alive?

Professor David Saggerson will consider the fast pace of progress in our current knowledge. He will start off with a short, very simple introduction to atoms, molecules and chemical bonds and the ways in which these allow us to form an amazing array of biological molecules. He will explain, in simple terms, how enzymes work, how our genes work and mutate, how hormones control cellular processes, how we form chemical ‘building blocks’ for cells and how we generate the energy to drive all of these processes. He will also talk about some of the amazingly gifted scientists who discovered these processes as well as addressing their significance and application to the way we live our lives.

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