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The once mighty Ottoman Empire lost some of its lustre during the 18th Century. After its armies reached the walls of Vienna in 1683 the boundaries of the Sublime Porte contracted in a series of military, diplomatic and economic reverses. This course considers the ways in which the Ottomans responded to a changing world in the 19th century, seeking to preserve their position within it. We examine questions of politics, religion, language, culture and economics whilst all the while having an eye towards the consequences for the region, Europe and the world then and now

Course description

This first part of two courses on the decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire focuses on its slow decline in the 19th century. We look at several attempts to reform and modernise government, military the economy in the 19th century as well as the main events of the period including the Tanzimat Reforms, the Crimean War, the Young Ottoman Movement and the Bulgarian Uprising of 1876. We consider the short-lived adoption of constitution government and the reimposition of Sultanic rule. More broadly we consider geo-political issues and the importance of the Empire in diplomatic and strategic manoeuvres between Great Britain, France and Russia. We cover the rise of nationalism in the region with particular attention to the Balkans, Greece, Armenians and the Jewish Diaspora within the Empire. We also look at broad cultural developments in art, literature and intellectual life. We look at Western influences and the impact of Orientalism on the Empire and Europe. The course tells a fascinating and much ignored story and has much to reveal about major issues in our own times from Russia to Israel and the wider Middle East. The course will feature a wealth of documentary sources, historical analysis, art and literature

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