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Every famous trial is a snapshot of history in the making. We see the cast of characters strutting on the stage that is the court room, acting out their roles against the backdrop of forces that are often beyond their control - the letter of the law, the power of the state, the force of prejudice, the facts of the case. Their focus is the outcome of 'their' trial, but ours is more than that; why is this trial famous, how did it change things, what lessons does it teach us? Join Peter Blood to study the people, issues and outcomes in five famous trials from British history, with a view to understanding their political, social and legal significance.

Course description

Each famous trial offers a vivid snapshot of history in the making. In the courtroom, a cast of characters steps into the spotlight, performing their roles amidst the weighty influences of law, state power, prejudice, and the hard facts of the case. While the participants are focused on the immediate outcome of their trial, our perspective stretches further. We delve into the reasons behind the trial’s fame, examine its transformative impact, and uncover the valuable lessons it teaches us.

Adding an element of intrigue, the specific trials we will study are kept secret until the course begins, ensuring an engaging and dynamic learning experience. This approach encourages anticipation and curiosity, as students eagerly await the reveal of each landmark case. Open to everyone, this course provides a unique opportunity to explore the historical significance of these pivotal trials. We will investigate how each trial shaped legal precedents, influenced societal norms, and reflected the political climate of its time.

By the end of the course, participants will not only have a deeper understanding of these famous trials but also an appreciation for their lasting impact on society. Join us in this educational journey to uncover the stories behind some of history's most significant legal battles.

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