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The last 50 years of the Ottoman Empire continues to drive current politics in Europe and the Middle East. In this course we consider the events, characters and forces that lead to its breakup including the modernisation attempts of the ‘Young Turk’ movement, the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, The Great War (including the Arab Revolt, the Armenian Genocide and the Turkish War of Independence. We finish by considering the rise of the new secular state of Turkey and the legacy of the Ottomans.

Course description

A period of hope and constitutional reform soon gave way to military defeat in the Balkans and Africa and unrest in Anatolia. The Young Turk movement sought constitutional reform but the outbreak of World War One and the total defeat of the Empire brought its end in 1923. We consider the major events, personalities and trends of these years – the Balkan Wars, The Great War, the Arab Revolt, the Armenian Genocide and the Turkish War of Independence as well as political, economic, religious, social and cultural developments. Perhaps most importantly we consider the aftermath of the Empire and its consequences for the world that we live in

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