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This course will be following on from last terms introduction to the origins of Norwegian art in the early 19th Century where the politics & topography were addressed & the early pioneer painters established a way of painting the daunting but magnificent landscapes. Johannes Flintoe ,J C Dahl & Thomas Fearnley established a way of painting Norway based on German idealism whilst experimenting with open air painting.This term we will engage with the huge shift in art in Scandinavia due to the influence of French outdoor painting. Adolf Tidemand trained in the German school of synthetic & idealistic composition ,was followed by the pattern- breaking Hans Gude responsible for encouraging his students to study nature & paint more realistically.His pupil Frits Thaulow became a indomitable painter of snow .By the 1880s French outdoor painting was being taken up by the artists colony at Fleskum ,Christian Skredsvigs property outside Oslo.The leap into the 20th century & the modern finds Nikolai Astrup & Harald Sohlberg painting locations dear to their hearts in very individualistic ways

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The art of Norway was slow to emerge from the foreign domination of Denmark & only began to take of in the early 19th century. Artists such as J C Dahl had to find a way of painting the dauntingly harsh landscape of his homeland whilst educating Norwegians that their own land was worthy of depiction.Based in Dresden he painted his evocations of Norwegian grandeur based on study tours back home .The next generation was able to paint for the emerging buying-public at home ,depictions of Fjord ,mountain ,forest & river based on the principle of outdoor painting encouraged by Hans Gude.By the 1880s French outdoor painting ,more the authenticity of Bastien Lepage rather than Impressionism ,was inspiring young Norwegians to paint what they knew personally.Following the pan-European practice of working in one spot as an artists colony, Fleskum ,outside Oslo was a base provided by Christian Skredsvig ,where enchanting midsummer idylls yet realistically painted found ready buyers.Working outdoors in all weathers to grasp greater authenticity found Frits Thaulow up to his ankles in the snow! Eilif Peterssen introduced local country folk into his evocations of the hidden valleys of inner Norway.Kitty Kielland & Harriet Backer reveal that modern ideas of equality are beginning to be felt by independant women who managed to find the training necessary to compete with the men. Christian Krohg was the exception from those artists around him - he painted the city & he painted poverty, hunger

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