Course overview

In 2024, over 70 countries, including the UK, will hold national elections. This course examines what constitutes a democratic election, delving into franchise, electoral systems, and election delivery. While focusing on the UK, it also uses international examples to illustrate the concepts of 'free' and 'fair' elections. Students will engage critically with contemporary debates about election quality and integrity worldwide.

Course description

In 2024, over 70 countries, including the UK, will hold national elections, presenting a timely opportunity to explore the intricacies of democratic elections. This course offers an in-depth examination of what constitutes a democratic election, delving into key aspects such as franchise, electoral systems, and the mechanisms of election delivery.

Focusing primarily on the UK, the course also incorporates international examples to illustrate how the concepts of 'free' and 'fair' elections are interpreted in various contexts. Through these comparative studies, students will gain a broader understanding of global electoral practices and standards.

Learners will engage in critical discussions about the quality and integrity of elections, addressing contemporary debates and challenges faced by modern democracies. Topics will include voter access, the impact of electoral systems on representation, and the effectiveness of different methods in ensuring fair and transparent election processes.

The course is designed to encourage students to think deeply about the role of elections in democratic governance and to develop a nuanced perspective on the factors that contribute to or undermine electoral integrity. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and analytical skills to critically assess electoral processes and their implications for democracy worldwide.

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