Course overview

This three hour lecture offers an in-depth examination of the rich history of the Old Bailey in London. It delves into the architectural evolution of the building itself, tracing its development from its early days to its current form. Additionally, the lecture explores the Old Bailey's significant role in the British legal system, highlighting its function in upholding and administering the law throughout the centuries. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how this iconic courthouse has shaped and been shaped by the legal landscape, reflecting broader societal changes and the pursuit of justice in London and beyond.

Course description

This engaging three hour lecture will introduce students to the fascinating history of the Old Bailey building, an iconic institution in London’s legal landscape. The lecture will delve into the architectural evolution of the courthouse, from its origins to its present-day form, showcasing its historical significance and the various transformations it has undergone over the centuries. Students will learn about the many notable figures who have crossed its floors, including famous judges, lawyers, and defendants whose cases have left a lasting impact on the legal system.

In addition to exploring the physical structure of the Old Bailey, the lecture will examine its pivotal role in London’s history. The courthouse has been at the center of many significant legal proceedings that have shaped public perceptions of justice and law enforcement. By understanding the Old Bailey's function in upholding and administering the law, students will gain insight into its importance within the broader context of British history.

Through a combination of historical anecdotes, architectural analysis, and discussions of landmark cases, this two-hour lecture will provide a well-rounded perspective on the Old Bailey. Students will appreciate the courthouse not only as a physical building but also as a symbol of the enduring pursuit of justice in London. This brief yet comprehensive session promises to be both educational and engaging, offering a unique glimpse into one of the most important legal institutions in the world.

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