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When the boy king Tutankhamun came to the throne in around 1336 BC, the pyramids were already ancient history and Cleopatra VII would not appear on the scene for another twelve hundred years. Over the course of one afternoon, Sarah Griffiths will give a broad overview of Egyptian history, from the Prehistoric hunter-gather-nomads, through to modern day events, excavations and discoveries, through a closer study of the key people, monuments and events of each period. The lecture is ideal for beginners to Egyptology, and for those wishing to bring perspective and context to their knowledge of this fascinating ancient civilisation.

Course description

Ancient Egyptian history stretches over a vast period of time – from the earliest prehistoric hunter gatherers to the Arab conquest and beyond. This immense timeline is peppered with fascinating pharaohs, monumental building, wars, invasions and conquests, the development of writing and literature, amazing advances in technology and medical treatment, tomb raiders and treasure seekers and great archaeological discoveries.

In one afternoon we will explore thousands of years of Egyptian history, from Predynastic pots to pyramids, warrior kings to murdering queens, through feasts, floods, famine and pharaohs, mummies and monuments, gods and goddesses, ascendency and assassination, and death and divinity. We will trace the rise and fall of 30 dynasties of pharaohs, from Narmer and Scorpion, to Hatshepsut, Ramesses II and the troublesome Ptolemies. Learn about the threat to Egypt from Nubians, Libyans, Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Rome and the Ottomans. Find out how this ancient civilisation was re-discovered, with treasure hunters, Egyptomania and the deciphering of hieroglyphs from the Rosetta Stone.

Can all of this be squeezed into one lecture? Sarah Griffiths will attempt to chart the entire span of 7000 years in a quick fire chronology to build to a complete timeline of ancient Egyptian history in just two hours!!

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