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Sources from ancient Egypt don’t just tell us about tombs and death, we can learn a lot about life over 3000 years ago as well. Egyptians could write frankly, satirically, or even humorously providing a fascinating insight into an ancient society. In a course suitable for all we consider topics such as work, play, education, games, birth, death, love and more. You will read texts and view images from ancient Egypt in order to explore and evaluate the evidence for the daily life of individuals and the elite in ancient Egypt

Course description

The dry sands of Egypt preserve evidence often lost to us from other ancient civilizations. As a result in Egyptology we can really start to ask big questions like:

•What was life like in ancient Egypt?

•What were the educational opportunities for children?

•What can we understand about different jobs?

•Why is our evidence for ancient Egypt so pre-occupied with death rather than life?

And more specific and perhaps surprising questions like:

•Did Ancient Egyptians have a sense of humour?

•Was there slavery in ancient Egypt?

•How long could you expect to live in ancient Egypt?

•What was housing like in ancient Egypt?

•Why is magic part of childbirth?

In a course ideal for both newcomers to ancient Egypt and those with some experience of the subject we will explore these questions. Using evidence from 3000 years of ancient Egyptian culture we will draw upon texts, artefacts and tomb reliefs to provide a broad range of sources for both elite, and where possible, non-elite individuals. We will explore aspects of life from the risky process of childbirth through childhood, games, education, work and housing.

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