Course overview

How did the Persian Empire become not just a match for the Roman world, but even surpass it? The Persian Empire underwent a number of major changes and challenges in the 6th century, with the reforms of Khosrow I in particular bringing about a major transformation of Iranian society. A study of the grandeur of that age, looking at both social, courtly and military aspects, is the first aim of this course. We will then do some analysis of the factors which caused a final collapse of that empire during the early seventh century. This course will take place online in a fun and supportive environment.

Course description

This course will look at how Sasanian Persia dealt with the continued threat of the White Huns as well as the rivalry with Rome in the 6th century. In particular we will examine the major reforms of Khosrow I, and how these changes impacted across the Iranian world. This will also look at the critical role played by Mazdakism,commenting upon some of the key features and how this was dealt with during the early sixth century. At a more detailed level, we will look at the aspects of Persian cultural influence, and how these went on to affect the Roman world as well. In addition, we will address the continued rivalry between the Persian and Roman empires, and how their struggles played out during the same period. We will also consider the evolving character of Iranian society, delving into its shifting cultural, social, and political dynamics, while examining the interplay of influences that characterized its relationship with Armenia. Finally, we will address some of the key problems faced by the Persians at the end of the sixth and into the seventh century, and why these various crises led to a breakdown not only of the Persian monarchy but also of Iranian society in general by that time.

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