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Explore the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and the complicated legacy he still holds: villain to some, hero to others, and architect of the French state. This course takes you on a journey through Napoleon’s rapid rise to power, his dramatic military campaigns, and the changes he brought to Europe. We’ll look at his leadership, his impact on society, and the lasting effects of his rule. By examining different perspectives and historical evidence, you’ll get a balanced view of one of history’s most fascinating and controversial figures.

Course description

In this course we will explore the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte from General, to one of the leaders of the French Republic, to Emperor in 1804. We will consider the key elements that underpinned his power: the military, his family, and his genius for self-mythology. From a military aspect we will examine some of his most successful campaigns and victories like the Battle of Austerlitz and his Italian campaigns which saw him cast as a second, successful Hannibal crossing the alps to victory. While he was a military man, he also deftly deployed the trappings and imagery of princely splendour and the cultural propaganda of the Empire style. Finally, we will also follow his downfall and losses, particularly his disastrous Russian Campaign of 1812 and his ultimate loss at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Among the key questions that we will consider is what contributed to Napoleon’s success and how his legacy, at the distance of over 200 years, is still very relevant.

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