Course overview

This course delves into the myths, legends, and historical theories surrounding Britain's beloved King Arthur, exploring his family, friends, and foes. It aims to distinguish between fact and fiction, recognizing the influence of biases in historical accounts and the speculative nature of much of the Arthurian narrative. Arthur's role as a tool for propaganda is examined, drawing on diverse sources including ancient writings, literature, fiction, and film, supplemented by a brief exploration of archaeology. Offering participants insight into the enduring appeal and manipulation of Arthurian legend throughout history.

Course description

This course offers a brief exploration of the myriad myths, legends, and historical conjectures surrounding Britain's beloved king, along with his family and companions. It endeavours to discern between serious historical accounts and the more entertaining fabrications that have pervaded Arthurian lore. Given that every historian inevitably harbours biases, and many fiction writers have roots in serious historical inquiry, often speculating on theories lacking concrete evidence, Arthur emerges as a potent tool for propaganda, a theme we will examine closely. The course surveys a wide array of sources ranging from contemporaneous Latin and Brythonic writings to seminal literary works, fictional narratives, and cinematic adaptations, supplemented by a cursory examination of archaeological evidence. Notably, no prior familiarity with these subjects is presumed or necessary to participate effectively. Through this multifaceted exploration, participants will gain insight into the enduring allure of Arthurian legend, its historical significance, and the various ways it has been appropriated and manipulated throughout history for diverse ends.

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