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How did the world emerge from the second world war and within two years find itself in a ‘Cold War’ a new kind of conflict fought mostly through politics and propaganda rather than through military combat? The Soviet Union, the UK and the USA were allies during the second world war, and its leaders met at several summit meetings to discuss the arrangements for the post war world. How did this relationship break down in the years that followed? What were the major events which precipitate this change, and how were they viewed by politicians and the public? Join the class to find out how it started, investigate some of the major flashpoints and events and how it ended

Course description

Interested in finding out more about the cold war, and how it influenced and continues to influence the world? Then this is the course for you. 1945 and the end of the second world war saw the Soviet Union, the USA and the UK as allies in the defeat of Germany and her allies. This relationship started to turn sour within a couple of years of the end of the war. Why was this? How did Europe, the USA and then the rest of the world find itself aligned to one or other of these great powers. What were the main flashpoints which led up to the cold war, and how close did we get to nuclear war? We will be looking at some of the flashpoints in the Cold War to investigate these questions, looking at topics including the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as the events in cities like Berlin over the cold war decades. What were the events that led to its end and how does it affect our relationship with Russia and the rest of the world today?

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