Course overview

A brief five session history of the region since the end of the 19th century covering the rule of the Ottomans, the British Mandate and the post 1947 story. We will seek to objectively establish how Ottoman lands post World War One became a British Mandate and then the state of Israel. Throughout we will look at historical analysis, the documentary evidence and contested ideas. We will cover the Zionist movement, the Balfour Declaration, the role of other powers in the region as well as the United Nations and the West and much more.

Course description

- We will start with an outline of the status of the region by the end of the 19th century before moving on to the Ottoman administration up to 1917. We will consider the nature of Ottoman rule and consider the legal status of land and society before the Great War

- The second session will cover the partition of the Ottoman Empire in relation to Palestine and Syria and specifically the British Mandate in Palestine up to 1947 including the partition plans of 1937 and 1947, resistance and British policy in this period

- The Third Session will deal with the formation of the state of Israel, the United Nations Plan for the region and the wars of 1947-49, 1956, 1967 and the role of external players

- The Fourth Session will deal with the years 1967 to 1987, the UN resolution 242, the occupied territories, settlement and Palestinian responses as well as the role of Egypt, the Lebanon, Jordan and Syria

- The final session will take the story from 1987 to the present day including the peace process, the intifadas and the rise of Hamas and Israel’s response including some reflection on the current situation and possible resolutions

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