Course overview

London has been many things in its history - a world city, a financial capital, a centre of empire, a microcosm of the world, a city rebuilt, a port city, a migrant city, a changing city The course will chart some of these changes during the twentieth century, changes to London’s built environment, its culture and its people, from the West End to the East End, from the City to the suburbs, from Camden Town and Brixton to Southall and Soho. Topics covered will be industry and the workplace, transport, housing, health, education, media, fashion and leisure

Course description

In 1900 London was a very different place. The school leaving age was twelve, over half the adult population did not have the vote, few buildings were higher than four or five storeys, accommodation was mainly rented rather than owner occupied, transport on the streets was horse drawn, for both passengers and goods, and the safety net of welfare for the poor consisted of little more than charity, philanthropy and the workhouse Over the next one hundred years London would change dramatically as a result of many factors:- the effects of war, the arrival of motor transport, population growth and the expansion of the suburbs, rising living standards, the creation of the welfare state, and new technology and inventions The course will chart continuity as well as change during the twentieth century and will conclude with a discussion of how London is attempting to meet the challenges of the 21st century, from new environmental conditions to the new information and social media technologies Classes are interactive with plenty of discussion. Reading and research are encouraged and can be shared via the Canvas programme. Most weeks, there will be a small

amount of written work to be completed in response to class subject matter

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