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Does history matter? How does your view of the past affect your approach to the present? Whose interpretations can you trust? As debates rage about the legacy of the British Empire and the pulling down of statues, this course gives you an opportunity to take a more nuanced look at some of the issues involved. You will be able to look at case-studies, and to explore questions about the nature of history and the way we discuss it. The course will help you to form your own views on these controversial topics.

Course description

When a statue of slaveowner Edward Colston was pulled down in Bristol, the activists who removed it were accused of “erasing history”. But in the following weeks there was more debate in the media about the meaning of British history than there had been for years.

History still makes headlines – from disputes about the “Elgin Marbles” to calls to rename roads named after controversial historical figures, from debates about how children learn history in school to the questionable historical analogies used by politicians who insult their opponents.

If your head is spinning with all these debates, this course is a chance to explore some of these controversial issues in more depth.

You will be able to consider questions vital to the way we approach the past: Can we ever be objective about history? Who benefits when certain events are remembered and others rarely mentioned? And can we really learn from the past or will we keep repeating it?

The course aims to help you reach your own conclusions about these controversies, rather than telling you what to think.

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