Course overview

The history of cookbooks is almost as old as cooking. This course will take 10 significant cookbooks and their cooks to explore and discuss what they bring to culinary history and what have they to teach us today. If, like me, you tune in each week to watch the latest offerings from the full range of television cooks and buy the books that inevitably accompany them, you may have wondered where the idea of a book full of recipes to be followed comes from. In fact there is a long tradition in English writing of writing about food and domestic matters which stretches back before Mrs Beaton.

Course description

Each week this course will look at the life and work of some of the most important cookbooks through history and the cooks and chefs who creating them. We will begin with the earliest cookbook in English – THE FORME OF CURRIE – and come right up to the present with Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Each week we will look at the age in which they were writing, how they moved culinary writing on and consider some of their famous recipes, which you will be able to try at home.

You will learn about the way that recipes have been written down has changed, how cooking and cooking techniques have developed and how that has influenced the recording of the fashionable foods of the day. From here you might want to consider another culinary history course, holding your own historic food party or become a collector of cookery books

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