Course overview

This 10-week course offers a unique exploration of British history by examining the lives and contributions of ten remarkable women who left indelible marks on society, culture, and politics. From ancient warriors to pioneering scientists and influential writers, each woman represents a distinct era in British history, shedding light on the struggles, achievements, and societal changes of their times. Throughout the course, we will delve into the lives of these extraordinary women, analysing their impact on British society and their enduring legacies. By studying their stories, learners will gain a deeper understanding of key historical events, social movements, and cultural shifts that have shaped the fabric of Britain.

Course description

"This course allows learners to familiarize themselves with important events, movements and figures in British history through the lens of women’s experience. Examining the roles and contributions of women in shaping British society, politics, literature and science through the lives of well-known and some lesser known women. Starting with Boudicca’s rebellion against Roman rule we will analyse her leadership, tactics, and significance in early British history. Moving on to Elizabeth I’s reign to examine her rule and legacy as a powerful female monarch and symbol of the Tudor dynasty. · · Studying Aphra Behn, examining her employment as a spy, and considering her challenges as the first known professional woman writer and looking at

her impact on later generations of writers. Other women discussed will be Ada Lovelace and her pioneering work in mathematics and computer science. Analysing Lovelace's collaboration with Charles Babbage and her contributions to the development of the Analytical Engine. Amongst other women considered will be the writers Fanny Burney and Mary Wollstenecraft and their influence at the time and in later periods. We will also consider Mary Seacole’s contributions to nursing during the Crimean War. · Throughout the course we will be analysing the struggles and achievements of these 10 women and how their efforts challenged gender norms and inequalities."

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