Course overview

From the great Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England through to the English we speak today, this course explores the language via raiders and traders, taking you on a journey through some of the huge variety of sources, influences and events that have helped to shape the English language. We will explore the evolution of our language from its origins with the Anglo-Saxon settlement; the Viking invasion; the words of the Bible; the effect of Shakespeare and the English bards; Sea travel and Naval slang; pronunciation with all its differences, and accents and dialect.

Course description

This five-week course in our Berkhamsted venue will explore the diversity, origins and history of our English language. We take our day-to-day use of English for granted – but have you ever thought about how and why our language has evolved and changed over time – and continues to evolve? Or about the different influences that have affected its development and use? Our tutor, Rebecca, will explore the language through different lenses, looking first at its origins from the Anglo-Saxons who settled here in the 5th century, the Viking invasion, the influence of the Bible, along with that of Shakespeare and the Bards of England. She will consider the effects of sea trade and naval slang, and look at our often difficult and varied pronunciation, plus dialects and accents. By the end of the course, you will have a greater understanding of the richness of our language, how it has incorporated or adapted words from other languages and sources, why we have differing ways of pronouncing words that are spelt in similar ways, and other fascinating aspects of why our language is as it is today.

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