Course overview

This two week online course with historian David Price examines the very short period of democratic government in Germany from the end of the First World War, when the first administration had to be established in the city of Weimar because Berlin was too dangerous, to the early 1930s, when an economic crisis developed after the Wall Street Crash, allowing the Nazi party to seize power. Topics will also include the tensions and discontent experienced after the First World War; the growing cultural creativity and flourishing night life; and the rise of the Nazi party. If you are interested in modern history and culture you will find this course of interest.

Course description

How Germany lurched from crisis to crisis in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, experiencing hyperinflation, extreme violence on the streets, attempted coups, and at the end of the period, government by emergency decree as unemployment soared to 25 percent and the Nazis began gaining ground in elections. But in the mid to late 1920s, Germany also saw a flowering of cultural creativity, centred on Berlin, during which innovative theatre and cinema, art, architecture and design, all flourished, while at the same time the nightlife, with its cabaret and jazz music, became the most exciting in Europe. But this only inflamed the extreme right, who saw such developments as being influenced by Bolshevik Russia and bitterly resented the cosmopolitan nature of Berlin at this time. We will examine how much the Versailles settlement contributed to the apparent chaos inside Germany in this period, and how the Nazis were able continually to exploit resentment within the country against the settlement but ultimately how external factors enabled them to rise to power in 1933. This is a two week online course, and no prior knowledge is assumed. Online images will be shown, and questions are invited from learners if they desire for discussion.

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