Course overview

This second of two courses on modern Chinese history concentrates on the history of China from 1912 to 1992 a time marked by profound transformations, including the fall of the imperial system, the rise of the First Republic, the Warlord Era, the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, and major upheavals of war, rebellion, revolution and geopolitical alignment. We trace the political social, cultural and economic development of China in the 20th Century. We consider the events, ideas and personalities that shaped this extraordinary national story. Throughout, we draw parallels with our own time and how we got here.

Course description

The ten sessions will cover three distinct phases of China’s twentieth century: 1. Republic to Revolution 1912-49: This period will trace the development of China from the First Republic through the turmoil of the 1920s to Civil and World War and finally, the People’s Republic of China (1. The end of the Qing Dynasty, Sun Yat-sen and the Kuomintang, 2. The Warlord Era (1916-1928), 3. Chinese Civil War (1927-37), 4. Japanese Invasion (1937-1945) & World War Two, 5. Civil War Part Two and the PRC (1945-1949)) 2. Chairman Mao Zedong 1949-76: This part of the course will examine Mao’s stewardship of Communist China including both domestic and international affairs (6. Korean War (1950-53) and other issues of alignment, 7. Great Leap Forward (1958-1962): 8. Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)) 3. Reform 1976-1992: This concluding section focuses on post Mao changes & the foundations of the huge economic, social and cultural changes of the 21st century (9. Death of Mao, the Gang of Four & the rise of Deng Xiaoping (1976): 10. Reforms including the One Child Policy, Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong (1978 –1992)) Throughout we study documentary sources, art, literature, philosophy and historical analysis as we read, talk, question and listen

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