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Many of us are unenthusiastic in the run up and aftermath of a General Election and a sizeable minority of us do not vote at all. But at the beginning of the 19th century only a tiny majority of men had the right to vote. Our liberties as they stand were not handed down benevolently by the government, but were hard won by individuals and groups of people like the Chartists, Individual and group protesters, Trade Unionists and Suffragists/Suffragettes. What was the impact of these protests and the reaction of the authorities? Join us to find out more

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Join us on this course to explore the history of the struggle for universal suffrage in the UK from 1800 to 1928, focusing on the influence of individuals and pressure groups such as the Chartists, trade unions, and women’s suffrage movements. The course will examine key events, tactics, and figures that contributed to the extension of voting rights. Starting by outlining the political situation before 1800 we will consider early protests such as Peterloo and the Cato Street Conspiracy and consider their effect on the Government and the struggle for universal suffrage. We will also examine the Chartist movement, its aims, objectives and tactics and analyse their petition and demands. Trade Union activity also leads through a series of disputes to a realisation that political representation is necessary for all. Lastly we will be investigating the activities and tactics of individuals and groups advocating women’s suffrage. Were violent or non-actions more successful and what was the impact of the first world war. · What does this history of struggle mean to us today? What are the ongoing issues in electoral politics, and how important are voting rights to us now?

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