Course overview

To provide an overview of the social impact of World War 2 in relation to the Battle of Britain and the Blitz The course will also highlight the new global balance of power after the War in relation to the upsurge of America and the USSR as being the new power brokers in the Post-War world as evidenced by the new ‘Iron Curtain’ The second half of the course will feature the post war Labour government establishing a Welfare State and focussing on post war reconstruction as well as the early years of the reign of Elizabeth II in the 1950s

Course description

The first half of the course will focus on the social impact of the Second World War looking at Shelters and Rationing, Child Evacuees, The role of Women in the War, Bletchley Park and Codebreaking

There will also be sessions covering War-time sweethearts such as Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn looking at how they lifted the morale of the armed services as well as the civilian population.

The Second half of the course will feature the Post War World with the rise of USA and USSR as the new global powers. The course will cover the Korean War and Suez crisis as evidence of the new global balance of power. The course will also cover the emergence of the Welfare State and Post -War reconstruction

Finally there will be a session covering how the London Olympics in 1948 and the Festival of Britain in 1951 restored national confidence and a return to normaility.

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