Course overview

This accredited qualification is suitable for those who are less knowledgeable or unsure of the worlds’ current environmental issues. It is devised to present learners with an introduction to the principles of climate change and environmental awareness. It will ensure learners understand the nature of climate change and the role they can play in helping to reduce waste, emissions, carbon footprints and improve sustainability. Through achieving the qualification, learners will gain the knowledge and understanding to act as drivers for positive environmental change and have a foothold in the emerging environmental sector.

Course description

You will all be aware from the media, conversations with friends and your own experiences with the weather that the environment and climate is currently facing the biggest challenge it has ever seen. We should all have an instinct of how our actions affect the planet as everyone has the power to make a difference and create a more sustainable way of living and a future for the next generation. It’s not all doom and gloom and there are some positive steps that are being taken. This qualification is your first step to help making our way of life sustainable. This course will teach you all about,

• To understand climate change, sustainability, and environmental protection. The principles of climate change, so you can make a positive difference and become more environmentally aware.

• How the industry and environment affect each other. You will learn about the impact of pollution, the barriers to a sustainable future and how to challenge these barriers.

• To understand resource efficiency and waste management. The qualification covers the advantages of renewable energy and how to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints for a better world.

This NCFE Course is a comprehensive programme allowing students to explore environmental issues and their solutions. It also includes sections on environmental legislation and organisational tools and frameworks, which are invaluable for those adult learners who wish to find employment in the important and fast-growing environmental sector.

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