Course overview

This course covers the basics of gardening, eg planning, preparing, choosing, sowing and harvesting crops with careful consideration of region, location, season and climate. It will teach people how to care for plants and how to use growing space effectively even in small areas. Students will learn gardening terminology and to appreciate the benefits of gardening including the impact on their wellbeing and mental health. Other aspects involve cost i.e. buying seeds etc (working to a budget), recycling material – i.e. how to make compost and Health and Safety when gardening i.e. use of tools correctly.

Course description

Introduction to Gardening:

Understanding the benefits of gardening.

Overview of different types of gardens (vegetable, flower, herb, etc.).

Introduction to basic gardening terminology.

Soil Preparation and Composition:

Importance of soil health.

Soil types and their characteristics.

Techniques for improving soil fertility and structure.

Plant Selection and Planning:

Choosing the right plants for your region and climate.

Basic principles of garden design.

Planning and layout considerations.

Propagation Techniques:

Seed starting.

Cuttings and division.

Transplanting seedlings.

Watering and Irrigation:

Proper watering techniques.

Understanding irrigation systems.

Water conservation practices.

Basic Plant Care:

Pruning and trimming.



Common Pests and Diseases:

Identifying common garden pests.

Disease prevention and management.

Integrated pest management strategies.

Container Gardening:

Growing plants in pots and containers.

Container selection and maintenance.

Balcony or small space gardening.

Seasonal Gardening:

Understanding the gardening calendar.

Seasonal tasks and considerations.

Year-round gardening tips.

Harvesting and Storage:

Knowing when and how to harvest crops.

Proper storage and preservation techniques.

Environmental Sustainability:

Eco-friendly gardening practices.

Composting and waste reduction.

Using organic methods.

Garden Tools and Equipment:

Introduction to essential gardeni

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